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Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Dostoyevskian St. Petersburg
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, probably the most famous St. Petersburg resident


Dostoyevskian St. Petersburg





Dostoyevsky Walk

'... I am convinced there are lots of people in Petersburg who talk to themselves as they walk. This is a town of crazy people. ... There are few places where there are so many gloomy, strong and queer influences on the soul of man as in Petersburg.'

Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky
Crime and Punishment

Availability: By private booking only (see bottom of page).
Duration: 3 hours.

Visit places associated with the great writer's books and life. Sites from Crime and Punishment, including the murder route, and other novels.

In research of the theme, we meander through the maze of backyards of this huge stage set that is called St. Petersburg - a city that itself is one of the main characters of Dostoyevsky's novels.

*The exact route may be slightly different depending on where we start/finish.

The tour is guided by Peter, Nick or Olga.

To book this tour privately, please write us at, or ask your guide. The cost is 160 USD, paid in rubles at the day's exchange rate. This cover parties of up to eight people (20 USD for each extra person).

Dostoyevskian St. Petersburg