Soviet Mass Housing. Kupchino – The Urban Dream

Availability: Currently this tour is available by private booking only. Inquire at
Duration: 3—4 hours.
Cost: 10200 roubles*. This covers up to eight people (1275 rubles for for each extra person).

*Russian ruble collapsed again on April 9, 2018, making it difficult to predict its behaviour (and its value) for the dates later in the season. We reserve the right to amend our prices in accordance with the fluctuating exchange rate. Hopefully this stops soon and returns to normal. Please contact us by email for up-to-date price information. As a guideline, a 4-hr private tour costs an equivalent of 160 USD.

Visit Kupchino, “the Bronx” of St Petersburg, a 1950-80s mass housing scheme in the city’s south. Few of those who ventured there ever returned – be among the lucky ones with Peterswalk.

Learn about micro-district planning, see how millions of ordinary Petersburg residents live. Pre-fabricated concrete blocks with thousands of apartments in them, aquarium-style.

Quiet green courtyards with playgrounds and parked Ladas. Gopniki (chavs, to give them an English name) on the block, marshrutkas, elektrichkas, khruschevkas and many other exotic things just 6 miles from the Hermitage.

An optional extra — visit a Kupchino family for tea or a meal. Has to be arranged in advance. Not included in the quoted cost.