Political History Walks

Availability: Currently this tour is available by private booking only. Inquire at info@peterswalk.com.
Duration: 4 hours.
Cost: 9600 roubles. This covers up to eight people (1200 rubles for for each extra person).

Russian history in a nutshell – learn about all the bloody conflicts Russia was involved in and what was happening in those brief intervals in between. One or more of these topics can be included: Red October, the 1917 Revolution, Lenin at the Smolny, Cruiser Aurora, Winter Palace takeover and the ensuing massacre of the Civil War; Soviet Avant-garde in architecture and social life of the 1920s; the Cold War & Communism, still visible in missile launchers at the Artillery Museum, in the Soviet symbols on the city facades and in people's mentality; Perestroika, the late-80s period of great hope and great disillusionment still well remembered in Russia.