Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
The original walking tours in St. Petersburg, Russia for budget conscious English speaking travellers

Busy street in central St. Petersburg


Strelka and the Exchange Building


Church of the Resurrection


Gates of the Russian Museum.


Corner of old town





The Tours

Some of the walks listed below run to a set Timetable and do not require advance booking - just turn up. The ones that do not appear on the Timetable can be booked privately. Post on our forum to find people to share the costs of a private tour.

That said, if you’re planning to take a tour, you may as well want to drop us a note at to say that you’re coming and confirm the details.

The Original Peter’s Walking Tour

Duration 4 hours. Cost 1300 rubles. Runs daily from April 14 to late September 2017, except May 27.

Has been a backpackers' hit since 1996 - an informal, off-the-beaten-track, fully improvised affair where the walkers and the guide work out a route right before the start. Suggestions welcome.

WWII and the Siege of Leningrad Tour

Duration 4 hours. Private booking only.

Visit a Siege cemetery, learn about the heroism of the defenders of Leningrad in the 900 day Siege. Travel to the city outskirts to see the memorials, remaining bunkers and tank traps along the old frontlines, just 14 km away from the Hermitage. Find out about the Road of Life across Lake Ladoga.

The Friday Night Pub Crawl

Duration 4 hours. Currently private booking for groups only.

Rock your Friday night! Don't waste precious time looking for a good bar in an unfamiliar city - you're lucky to have an experienced local guide take care of it for you. The tours runs every other Friday throughout the summer.

Sunday Morning Bike Tour

Duration 3.5-4.5 hours. Cost 2200 rubles. Runs every Saturday and Sunday, from May 14 until the end of Sept 2016.

Despite what it may seem there are lots of lovely, traffic-free spots for riding - and the fact that the city is completely flat makes bicycle an ideal option. Most of our guides use bicycle as their main means of getting around in summer - come with us for a ride! Customised itineraries, off-the-tourist-path sights - a great way to experience St Petersburg.

White Nights Bike Tour

Duration 3.5 hours. Cost 2200 rubles. Every Tuesday and Thursday in June - August 2016.

Ride a bicycle through the white night, St Petersburg-style! Unique vibe, stops at many great locations along the way, watching the raising of the drawbirdges - an unforgettable experience. White Night Bike Tour

KGB and Russian Secret Services Tour

Duration 1,5 hours. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE.

Visit the Museum of Russian Political Police. Learn the history of the intelligence services in Russia and the USSR - from their creation to the years of the CheKa and the Red Terror, the KGB and its activities during the Soviet Times.

Peter’s Top Five St. Petersburg Walking Tour

Duration 3-4 hours. Private booking only.

Join a pleasant and informative tour of the best sights St. Petersburg has to offer, as selected by Peter's Walking Tours. See St. Petersburg from the most spectacular angles. In just three hours you will do the entire standard sightseeing program, saving yourself time and energy for later independent research.

War And Peace: History Of Russian Politics Tour

Duration 4 hours. Private booking only.

This tour is Russian history in a nutshell – from the ancient times to Ivan the Terrible, the Napoleonic War of 1812, the Crimean War, the Red October revolution, both World Wars and the Cold War, all the way up to Perestroika of the 80s and the early 90s.

Red October Tour

Duration 4 hours. Private booking only.

St. Petersburg was the cradle of the 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution. Learn the history of its key myths - Lenin, battleship Aurora, the takeover of the Winter Palace and other stories.

Peter's Communist Legacy Tour

Duration 3 hours. Private booking only.

Any Stalin statues left around? Was Kirov a ballet dancer, and was Lenin a mushroom? What does a factory kitchen look like? Hammers and sickles are still decorating many St. Petersburg facades.

Rasputin Walk

Duration 4 hours. Private booking only.

A commoner who grew more powerful than the Tzars, this bearded lecher is one of the most mysterious characters in the Russian history. Hear the story of "his malignant influence and assassination".

Dostoyevsky Walk

Duration 3 hours. Private booking only.

Visit places associated with the great writer's books and life. Sites from Crime and Punishment, including the murder route, and other novels.

The Boat Tour

Currently available for private bookings only.

Sail the Neva and the canals on St Petersburg on a boat, accompanied by one of our guides. Large boats for groups are available as well as smaller boats for families or individuals.

Peter's Food Tour

Duration 4 hours. Private booking only.

In St. Petersburg we eat not just caviar and vodka (well, some of that too), and this is your chance to find out all about local diet. Peek into eateries and food shops, buy your samples or get them free at farmers' markets.

Peter's Slums Walks

Duration 3 hours. Private booking only.

Done with the Hermitage? Time for something completely different! Wander beyond the opulent facades. Old ganglands of Ligovka and Hay Market, smoked chimneys of Obvodny Canal, courtyards of Petrograd Side.

Dostoyevsky Pub Crawl

Duration 3.5-4.5 hours. Private booking only.

The Crime and Punishment field research: walk the Murder Route, the longest 730 steps in your life, from the house of Raskolnikov to the Pawn Broker's place. Stop at bars along the way to experience the atmosphere of the Hay Market and discuss the finer points of the novel.

Petrogradsky Pub Crawl

Duration 3.5-4.5 hours. Private booking only.

Get to the Petrograd Side, a fascinating historic district north of the Fortress. Wander through a maze of old lanes and backyards hidden behind the neon lights of fancy shopping streets. See extravagant Art Nouveau buildings, surviving Lenin's monuments, comrade Kirov and Dmitri Shostakovich's flats, the palace of the Emir of Bukhara - and experience a thriving local bar scene!

Style Moderne Walk

Duration 3-4 hours. Private booking only.

The Russian take on Art Nouveau, the enchanting Style Moderne is the most extraordinary architectural syle in St. Petersburg. The tenements, banks and office buildings, richly decorated with floral ornaments, images of magic birds and animals of the North, reflect the passion for extravagance in the pre-WWI St. Petersburg and the industrial and financial development. The tour is available at amateur to expert level.

Big Night Out Tour

Duration flexible. Private booking only.

Our famed White Night walks are taking on a different spin this year and becoming wilder than ever! Bars, clubs and Soviet disco, late night sightseeing, best spots to see the opening of the drawbridges and have a very early morning espresso.

Private tours

If you're a large party, or you're after more than our standard tours offer, custom-build your own tour with Peter's Walking Tours.

Peter's Original Day Trips

Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Krontstadt, Shlisselburg, Staraya Ladoga - you name it! Get there faster and easier, and see more with Peter's Walking Tours.

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