Julia Child Bistro, our meeting point for the Original Walk. How to get there

Walking route from metro Sadovaya to Julia Child Bistro. 700 m, 7-10 min walk.

Our Original Walk starts from Julia Child Bistro, located at Grazhdanskaya st., 27. The nearest metro station is Sadovaya, on the purple line (line M5), only 7 min away (plus add time for route finding). Sadovaya metro is at Sennaya Ploschad, a huge square flanked by old residential buildings to the north, and dominated by a modern glass shopping mall on the southern side. The square is full of shops, cars and people. When you come out of the metro it may seem bewildering and not really clear which direction to take.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that there’s more than one exit from Sadovaya, and also two other metro stations in the same square (Sennaya Ploschad, line M2; and Spasskaya, line M4). All these lines of the metro intersect here, so you may arrive by any one of them and come out to the surface using the nearest available exit.

In any case, out at the street level you will find yourself somewhere on Sennaya square. Look around. In the north-western corner of the square there’s a small three-storey yellow house with a green roof, at this address: Sadovaya st., 39/56 (it contains a very good Georgian restaurant).

look for this building in Sennaya sq (possibly no advertising on its top anymore); skirt around from the right to a small bridge over a canal.

Just to the right of this building you will see a tiny wooden footbridge over a canal.

Sennoy bridge over Canal Griboyedova. Cross the canal, walk left past the two building seen in the photo, then turn right into Stolyarny pereulok.

Cross this bridge, then take left to the first intersection. There turn right into Stolyarny pereulok and walk two short blocks to the intersection with Grazhdanskaya st. There take left and within one block you arrive at Julia Child Bistro on your right-hand side.

Map here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y…

The Original Walk will be offered daily from April 14 to the end of September, 2017. Meet a few minutes before 10:30 am at Julia Child Bistro. Come earlier for a coffee and a pastry, or return after the tour for lunch.