Political History Walks

Availability: Currently this tour is available by private booking only. Inquire at info@peterswalk.com.
Duration: 4 hours.
Cost: from 13000 rubles*. This covers up to eight people (higher rates apply to larger groups).

*Cost may vary due to season and currency exchange fluctuations. Please contact us by email for up-to-date price information.

Russian history in a nutshell – learn about all the bloody conflicts Russia was involved in and what was happening in those brief intervals in between. One or more of these topics can be included: Red October, the 1917 Revolution, Lenin at the Smolny, Cruiser Aurora, Winter Palace takeover and the ensuing massacre of the Civil War; Soviet Avant-garde in architecture and social life of the 1920s; the Cold War & Communism, still visible in missile launchers at the Artillery Museum, in the Soviet symbols on the city facades and in people's mentality; Perestroika, the late-80s period of great hope and great disillusionment still well remembered in Russia.

The tour can be customised in any way you prefer. Please contact us by email with all inquiries.